USA Local Media LLC, founded in 2010 in San Jose, California was formed by former advertising reps with experience in the yellow pages, google adwords, SEO, social media, and daily deals space. Our digital marketing staff teamed up with a few Silicon Valley venture capitalists and software engineers to create our proprietary digital media platform that optimizes your marketing budget to only spend on conversions. We were tired of working under big-wig Fortune 500 companies, or so-called Google SMB partners that lacked transparency. Our formula here is “do what works”. We won’t force you into any long term commitments, we stand behind our results with confidence.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

Our featured product is our “Leads Guaranteed”. This proprietary system we’ve developed is unique in that we only allow a limited number of qualified businesses in the program. Unlike many failed yellow pages, & daily deals companies, we will not oversaturate our product, or one particular category. The point is to deliver quality leads at the maximum quantity. Therefore there has to be some exclusivity to each market for our clients. This formula leads to a long term relationship with our clients, as we map out a future together, reaching our goals as partners.